A Woman and a Palm Tree


As the summer is in full swing with ever-surprising scorchio heatwaves, here we go with the long-overdue latest update.
It will be a tropical edition with a botanical motif, a fiery Greek quote and roasting Osho
written by a burning hot and sweaty Masseuse on what was predicted to be the Hottest-Day-Ever.

Club Tropicana


It’s the evening of ‘Tropical Thursday’, and the record for the highest temperature in the UK was supposed to be broken. It didn’t happen, luckily. The swelter, however, reached 38.1°C, or, to put it more dramatically, over 100°F.


Just when you thought that things can’t get any hotter, I uploaded a series of photos to AW Private Gallery, called A Woman and a Palm Tree’. 😀
What you can see in these photos, except my boobs, that hopefully are the main attraction, is Howea fosteriana, commonly known as Kentia palm.
‘All that’s missing is the sea…’, as Wham! would say. And perhaps a cocktail.


The palm tree was initially bought to add some character to the massage room.
It didn’t survive long, unfortunately, and was replaced by an artificial one – quite decent looking, actually and without any maintenance needs except an occasional hoover.
Following the botanical decor motif, there are cushions with a banana tree leaf and leafy coasters.
I have some doubts as to how much attention an average male pays to a coaster, but hey. Not once, not twice was I surprised in this job.

tropical motif London massage

Molon Labe!


It’s now been over a year since the sudden disappearance of my previous main advertising platform, Backpage, prompted me to set up this website.
The moral of this experience is not to rely on platforms, be it a directory or social media/ micro-blogging site that can vanish, delete your account on a whim or dictate what you should be doing.
Having your own website means having your own space and independence. If someone doesn’t like your content, well, ‘Come and take it’ or, as the Greeks said – Molon Labe!.


It was now time to revamp things.
I’m still not restricted by the knowledge of coding or design but managed to implement some improvements.


After a year, the main font, Philosopher, turned out to be annoying and difficult to read, just like philosophers often are.
I was very happy when I found another font to replace it – simple and pretty Montserrat.
Only after the change, I came across an article about the most overused fonts. Featuring Montserrat.


Black and white version of the ‘Palm tree’ series replaced old photos.
And after re-writing About Roxy page, I think I managed to establish myself as Benny Hill of erotic massage.
Recently I landed a super lovely recommendation from Old Mike and now I’m proudly showing it off everywhere I can. If you like reading erotica, it’s definitely worth visiting Old Mike’s blog.
Or perhaps start your own blog?


Escaping Utopia


Along with other website changes, I removed the signature slider with Osho’s quote from the home page. And a photo of Osho’s book on Tantra.


It was a tough one as I loved the pink of the book cover and was quite proud of the slider that took ages to make, but it had to be done.


It all started around December last year when I decided to take advantage of a free trial month of Netflix.
I came across Wild Wild Country’ – a documentary about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who later rebranded himself as Osho and a hippie commune in Oregon that he created back in the 80s.


Osho was an Indian spiritual guru and a colourful figure. I read some of his books in my early 20ties and even though I found them profound and life-transforming, I can’t tell you what exactly they were all about. All of them were transcripts of his lectures with a general theme of freedom, sex and consciousness.


The documentary was not what I expected.


It would appear that Osho was a bit of a twat.



Even more so, underneath the charismatic Gandalf-like persona of an all-knowing sage and mischievous rebel, he more likely was a psychopath and charlatan.
The hippie Oregon commune of devoted disciples wearing red clothes and sandals was a bunch of brainwashed people, some of whom were genuinely nice, idealistic and well-meaning and some were capable of horrible crimes.


All very cult-y.


I thought about it a lot and wondered if perhaps the valuable message of his teachings could be separated from the flawed man himself?
The more I dug, though, the more it became clear that the message was as mad as his mind.


The problem with asking A is that then you have to ask B.
Namely, how was he different from other mystics and spiritual teachers?
It’s a hell of a question but now it seems to me that ‘sham’ is an integral part of ‘Shambhala’.


Here’s an alternative trailer that really puts things into perspective…



As one of the Oregon folks summed things up:


‘People want to believe. They want to belong. They want to think, you know, me having sex all day long is going to really send me to heaven.’



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