Beyond the strange stupor

After what seemed like a lengthy August break, I came back to work and it felt awkward. As if I lost all my moves.

Do you feel similar after a holiday break?

There was not much time to dwell on little discomforts and awkwardness though; life is never boring and at a standstill, even if it’s something one would hope for.


  • Roxy Music.


Here’s a bit more about the music you can expect in the background of our sessions.


Upon starting to work as a Tantric Masseuse, my playlist consisted mainly of ‘angelic music’ and ‘healing frequencies’. Chanting monks and Tibetan singing bowls… Aura cleansing! Songs promising to wipe out all negative emotions and to transform cells into higher energy systems. And to miraculously open chakras.

I persevered with this playlist for a long time. So did my clients. But just like eating kale and drinking water, you know it’s good for you but it’s also dreadfully boring and feels like a chore.

Moreover, after playing the healing frequencies on full blast, I often ended up in a state of a strange stupor.


Eventually, I purged the playlist of more annoying positions and created a new selection.

Each type of massage requires a bit different vibe (chanting monks don’t seem to help with Tie&Tease).

New playlists consist of ambient, trip-hop and synthwave and yes, some of the aforementioned healing frequencies and binaural beats (albeit non-annoying ones and also I am cautious with ‘love frequency’ in case it makes my clients tad too amorous).


Often I overlay it with ASMR.

If you haven’t heard of ASMR before, it means “autonomous sensory meridian response”. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘a brain orgasm’.

It’s a physical sensation of tingling in your brain and face and shivering along the neck and spine. It can be induced by various triggers, like listening to whispering, tapping and other soft noises. Or watching things in slow motion.

Generally, it is a very relaxed, passive and receptive, a bit ‘out of body’ state.

You drift away into a trance, focus on sensations and feel like you let someone take care of you.


Is it a sexual feeling? No, not really. You can, however, find erotic videos that use ASMR.

To check if you can feel the tingling, here’s an example.



  • I shall say this only once…


… September Sensual Massage ‘Good MOANING’ offer was a great experience!

Initially, I set a number of Key Performance Indicators for this marketing campaign.

One of the secret objectives was to help me with waking up early.

The most important KPI, however, turned out to be not income or a number of bookings but my own personal joy and fun of creating the campaign, getting positive feedback and sharing a few laughs over ‘Allo Allo’. 🙂

I’m planning to run offers regularly and the next one will start very soon…





  • Like cures like!


October special is intended as a remedy to the Autumn gloom.

According to the homeopathic principle ‘Like cures like’, a little bit of pain should cure a painful feeling of the SAD Season. Details will be revealed in due course and if you’d like to be the first to know, subscribe to the Newsletter.


Personally, I love Autumn. It’s full of shadows and secret meanings, the world feels half-hidden and not obvious.

Summer with its heatwave was bloody depressing.


  • Surreal reality ‘Behind The Hand’.


Working as a sensual Masseuse provides stories and situations that truly make you wonder – is it still life or is it fiction?

Somewhere from this potent space between harsh reality and surreal confusion, emerged a cartoon.

Too many absurd thoughts can’t be contained within one female head – they have to be released somehow!

So expect more in the series ‘Behind The Hand.


  • Lorem ipsum.


First Newsletter was sent out last month! Embarrassing mistakes were made of course.

I thought it’s an easy task and I’ll do it quickly on the evening of my deadline day.

Nothing is easy – this grim philosophical truth applies in this case. If I followed the urge to pull the hair off my scalp every time I had a problem, I’d have to wear a toupee by now.

Not only composing a Newsletter turned out to be difficult, but email marketing is not that straightforward either.


First of all, quite a few people entered their details in the form, however, they didn’t confirm their subscription.

Later I learned that being assigned to the inbox instead of the muddy waters of the spam folder by your email provider is not that easy and causes a headache even to the seasoned email marketers.

If you subscribed, please check the spam folder – a confirmation email might be residing there and without clicking on the link it contains, I can’t send you the Newsletter.

It’s a GDPR thing, plus you’ll be redirected to a ‘Thank you’ page, which is worth visiting.


Then, the Newsletter contained buttons with ‘Lorem ipsum’…



… and ended in a rather dramatic manner.


I sent it to the one Subscriber I had at the time (you were worth it, m’friend! 🙂 x ).


As of now, there are more people who subscribed and big thank you to all of you!

Next Newsletter will be sent on the 14th this month.


  • Social manoeuvre.


Navigating through social media requires more skills and strategy than one would expect. And the waters are far from still!

Not only it’s tricky to come up with a post that is not too embarrassing, but these days there is also a high possibility you’ll get banned or your account will be deleted without any plausible reason.

One might not like what someone is saying or not agree with their opinions, but when people are effectively banned by the mainstream platforms, it is scary and makes ‘1984’ look more like a manual than a dystopian novel. Being associated with the adult industry seems to be offensive too.

It all makes functioning on social media a rather tricky manoeuvre.

Just in case, I won’t be embedding Tweets in blog posts anymore (with the exception of posts containing movies). Instead, I’ll be using screenshots with links.


You can also find me on Switter and Minds, which are alternative social media. Unfortunately, it’s not a real alternative though as it’s so niche.


But on a more optimistic note, here are some funny moments from Twitter:

And again, a special hug to MissB for retweeting! xx



  • Dim and dimmer.


There is only one new addition to the massage studio – a pretty gold coaster.


You might however have difficulties to see it as I managed to replace the light switch with a dimmer.

It was a nerve-wracking experience that no YouTube video with a jolly electrician can prepare you for.

After a few attempts, it worked out and I’m still here, alive and writing to you.

I’m not more knowledgeable in laws of electricity but the dimmer switch works just how it’s supposed to.


Apart from this, there is nothing new and life is moving steady ahead.



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