IT conundrums, Big Lebowski and the week almost gone.

The Big Lebowski by Nick Runge,


After a few days of a maintenance break, let me re-introduce the website with a fresh and shiny new Blog page – not much happening there YET but plans are grand, so watch this space.


I also slightly re-polished Contact page with a bigger map for easier navigation, not to mention a new font throughout the website, which is a joy for my eyes and hopefully yours too.


And a new FAQ was added to clarify confusion regarding my work uniform or any hopes for the lack of thereof.


And since we’re on the subject of clothing, one of my fav home attires is a grey bathrobe – of the exact same design and fluffy texture like the ones you’re being offered at the beginning of my sessions.

Which is very much in line with another favourite of mine and an absolute classic – The Big Lebowski.

So the last few days I spent in the bathrobe. No white Russian but gallons of coffee were drunk instead as I was channelling my inner Dude and trying to figure out technical mysteries and IT conundrums and make some improvements to this website.


After occupying my hands with furious keystroking on the ancient laptop, now it’s time to engage them with a very different activity. Wink wink indeed.? I’m planning to work during this weekend so if you’re looking for a sensual massage in London, look no further.


If you’re one of the numbers that kept popping up on my mobile in the last week or so (or even longer in some cases, I have to admit) in a fruitless attempt to arrange a session, I apologise for the delays. I’m experiencing an admin backlog but this should be resolved soon-ish!

So if you haven’t heard from me, please don’t be discouraged and rest assured that your patience is very much appreciated and I’ll get back to you and will reply to all unanswered text messages.


Unless your number is blocked, which usually happens if someone is less than charming. In this case, give up hope for a booking and a catchy phrase from The Big Lebowski springs to mind – but those who know it, don’t need to be reminded and if you don’t know what I’m referring to, well it’s about time to meet the Dude.




Learn your lesson and be nicer to the next lady when asking for her massage services.



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