Lacroix, sweetie!

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As Dior Sauvage is on the last squirts, it’s time to buy a replacement deodorant and Eau de Toilette.
And I need your advice!


Which fragrance for my clients shall I buy next?


Take part in this very important poll and take your pick.
No Lynx here. Only big names, you know. Prada, Givenchy, Guerlain, Dior.


Names, names, names’, darling!


Here are four options to choose from:


1.Prada L’Homme Intense


  • Main accords: powdery, balsamic, floral, woody, leather.
  • Top notes: Iris. Middle notes: Patchouli, Amber. Base notes: Leather, Tonka bean, Sandalwood. (via Fragrantica)
‘L’Homme Prada Intense expresses the multiplicity of male identity through intense Amber and Patchouli notes that cross paths with the floral refinement of Iris, while the introduction of Tonka Beans brings an airy, oriental dimension to the top end.’
2. Givenchy Gentleman


  • Main accords: floral, aromatic, powdery, sweet, fruity, fresh spicy.
  • Top notes: Pear, Cardamom, Pineapple. Middle notes: Lavender, Iris, Geranium. Base notes: Patchouli, Leather, Black vanilla husk. (via Fragrantica)

A balance between unquestioned strength and confident delicacy, Gentleman Givenchy offers audacious contrasts in a woody-floral fougère.’



3. Guerlain L’Homme Ideal


  • Main accords: aromatic, almond, woody, sweet, citrus.
  • Top notes: Citruses, Rosemary, Orange blossom, Bitter orange. Middle notes: Almond, Tonka bean. Base notes: Leather, Cedar, Vetiver. (via Fragrantica)

An ideal fragrance, smart, handsome and strong. Three adjectives and three accords for this fresh woody fragrance will trigger your full potential.’

4. Dior Homme


  • Main accords: floral, powdery, aromatic, woody, cacao.
  • Top notes: Lavender, Sage, Bergamot. Middle notes: Iris, Amber, Cacao. Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather. (via Fragrantica)

This distinctly masculine fragrance has a floral iris note; a rare scent in men’s perfume and is combined with a woody base note.’




Which fragrance do you prefer?


The poll ends on the 18th of August.
You can also vote on Twitter and Telegram.


(Voting doesn’t seem to work on Chrome, sorry!)



Take your pick, sweetie!



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