‘Poetry of football’ World Cup special – Amy Vergnés!


World Cup is coming up this week – highly anticipated by some, dreaded by others and the rest not being bovvered.

I include myself to this third category and can’t see the appeal except for cheering for your own country, which is not that different from having personal likes and dislikes for the Eurovision Song Contest.


But this lady might disagree – Amy Vergnés, a football enthusiast and a friendly heart behind the ample chest.


Alluring: from Amy’s collection.


  • Hello Amy, what is it about football that you find so exciting?


From a general point of view, I always like watching people who are skilled at something I can’t do myself, whether that’s participating in sports, playing a musical instrument or even just dressing well!


But a really good game of football played by the best players in the world is like poetry to watch; it’s not called the beautiful game for no reason. Maybe more like an opera, one where the story can change in seconds and go completely the opposite way to what you were expecting.


  • Do you ever go to matches or do you prefer to watch football in the comfort of an armchair?


I can’t go to Russia, but I do get to Scarborough as often as I can, and since we were promoted this season we have some more interesting away games so I’m hoping for a few nice days out.


Fortunately, since we’re now playing back in our own town after ten years of ground sharing, a lot of the people who thought SKY TV had done for their legs completely are getting back into the habit too!


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/42794174/what-britney-spears-needs-to-know-about-scarborough


  • How do you celebrate when your team wins? Do you have any tips on how to console yourself if your team loses?


I jump up and down and sing – we have a lot of football songs and they’re not hard to learn! The singing is the best part of going to a football bar the pies.


The World Cup will be slightly different because it’s TV and also because I don’t have a team as such; whilst I’ve lived in England for forty years, my family are from all over the place and I was born in Scotland, so I tend to pick based on a hunch. I cheered a lot for Iceland during the Euros.


  • Do you have withdrawal symptoms after the World Cup ends?


Usually, it leaves a big gap, but we have a lot of exciting pre-season friendlies coming up this year including FC United at home the Saturday after the final so happy days!


It’ll be nice to get out from in front of the TV, although the games to steady out once the group stages are done with – it’s good that it’s not every year or I would be the size of a house.


In Scarborough: from Amy’s collection.
  • Football is not the only expertise of Amy, so if you’d like to meet her, she visits London regularly and her next visit here will be on…


…the last week of the World Cup!

I’ll be over in Aldgate from Wednesday 11th until first thing on Saturday the 14th of July.

And not available during matches; I’ll miss the third and fourth place decider on the Saturday afternoon, but that’s the lone fixture I’ll admit I’ve never really seen the point of.

I think it only affects the second semi-final on a Wednesday night, so I will be needing something else to do the rest of the time.


  • Thank you, Amy! ?


To read more and to listen to some excellent music, check out Amy’s Blog.


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