How to remove oil from the body after a massage
Published: 30th August 2018
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HOW to remove oil from the body after a massage?

After the massage is over and it’s time to get back to reality, only a pleasant glow and a relaxed feeling should remain of the experience.
Certainly not an oily body or, even worse – oily clothes.

How to remove excess oil after a massage?

Here’s a guide – born out of despair, experiments and Google searches performed by yours truly.

Let me start with what oil am I using during the sessions – the coconut oil.
Your usual coconut oil is in the solid form. For massage purpose its liquid (‘fractionated’) form is much easier to use.
An aromatherapist might argue that the refined form of the oil is ‘incomplete, therefore less nutritious for the skin.
I won’t be disputing this as my last encounter with chemistry was when binging on Breaking Bad.
What I like about this oil is that it’s fragrance free, gentle on the skin and is excellent for body to body slides!
So it fits the bill, even if it’s a bit on the pricey side.
And it feels really nice when warmed up in a heater… (as any oil would, to be fair)

How to remove oil from the skin after a massage?

Body to body massage requires applying more oil than your usual massage treatment.
Some oil will soak into the skin (and towels… *sigh*), but the rest needs to be removed.
This can be a bit tricky, especially in case of body hair, so you might want to use every weapon from the arsenal below.

1. Mechanical

  • Couch roll / paper
At the end of the session, I use the couch roll to wipe out the oil from the client.
The paper absorbs oil very well and this ritual is also a nice excuse for post-massage TLC.
  • Loofah

Loofahs are made of fibrous, dried up fruit and are great as a natural scrubbing sponge.

How to remove oil from the skin after a massage

2. Chemical

  • Shower gels
You’ll usually have few options to choose from, scented or fragrance free.
My latest discovery is Swarfega Tough shower gel; it’s an absolute winner when comes to removing oil from the skin. Very effective and affordable.
How to get rid of oil after a massage

How to remove oil from hair after a massage?

Having to wash your hair at the end of the session is not the best prospect, so as a general rule I’m trying not to touch a client’s hair with oily hands.
If there is some oil left, it’s usually on the back of the head and fairly easy to wipe out with a couch roll.
Hair-free people have an unfair advantage in this regard and I usually try to add a little bit of a head massage when I can.
Apart from a regular shampoo, a dry shampoo is very handy and I use it in between sessions, if my hair gets oily.

How to remove oil from clothes after a massage?

Despite applying all the above and best efforts, there is still a slight chance that a little bit of oil will stay on your clothes.
Super hot laundry will not do the job, I have to warn you. And a smell of rancid oil is hard to forget, for all wrong reasons.
Good news is that it’s not that difficult to get rid of, especially if it’s only a small smudge.
Thanks to dealing with oily laundry on a daily basis, I have some practical tips for you.
  • Soda Crystals

A cleaning hero – Dri Pak soda crystals! Added to the laundry will solve the problem of oil and grease.

  • Degreaser

Soda should be enough but when dealing with more oily laundry (like towels), it’s good to add a few squirts of a degreaser.

How to remove oil from clothes

There are better ways to store memories than with oily clothes...

And if you want to refresh your memories, you can always book me for another session 🙂

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