Summer improvements chez Roxy


Summer is almost gone, with heatwaves of July being a distant memory effectively washed out by the rains of August bank holiday.


It’s time to recap on what has been happening in the last couple of months

in Roxy’s massage headquarters, where laundry never stops.



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Studio improvements:


  • New towels

Gone are old grey towels after enduring a long and intense life. In human existence, it would probably be good 80 years of rock’ and’roll lifestyle. It was time to say goodbye.
They were replaced by beige new ones, smelling of freshness with a base note of Ikea warehouse.


You can admire my new towels on these carefully watermarked photos (in case someone with a towel fetish would want to take advantage of these photographs hehe). I thought I’ll add cactus to make it look fancier. Why not!


  • Biodegradable baby wipes

In a bid to save the planet, I switched from regular baby wipes to biodegradable.
Every little helps, doesn’t it?



  • ‘Sacred stones’ burner

Here’s a little magical ambience maker – a burner with aromatic ‘sacred stones’.
The effect is somewhat similar to incense sticks, however, there is almost no smoke and the scents are more subtle.




Online updates:


  • The Newsletter is set up and ready if you wish to receive monthly updates!

You can subscribe on Contact Page or by clicking on a pop-up form flying here and there across the website.

Initially, I wanted the pop up to be on every page but then decided it’s way too annoying.

You can unsubscribe any time and your privacy is protected by my very own Privacy Policy – home-made and carefully crafted in the spirit of GDPR.

For kindred pedantic souls – there also is a page with Terms & Conditions, however, I still don’t know, how to add it to the website’s footer for easy access.


  • Working on the website brought results, as I ranked on page 2 of Google!

Very specific keywords to be fair, but I did a super happy dance when I saw it.


Tantric massage SW6


  • Things were rearranged and a new category is now created for ‘News & Updates’, called Friends 🙂

You can read a mini-interview with Amy Vergnés there.

And if you’re interested in our trip to the Natural History Museum, check out her Blog post.

I’ll add more independent providers in the future so that you can make your acquaintances with these lovely Ladies.


  • It’s very tempting to flood the website with gifs, pop-ups, banners and every possible animation.

Preferably pink, sparkly and full of glitter.

I had some fun and created a couple of simple mini videos.




What’s new in ‘Services’:


  • Tie & Tease sessions were popular during the heatwave. Perhaps because being teased with ice cubes seemed more like a treat than torture.

After one of the sessions, I was asked what ear defenders am I using.
For anyone interested, here’s the link (no, I haven’t branched out into affiliate marketing just yet).

Good quality and reasonably priced – that’s the best mix, isn’t it?

Thankfully, a question about ear defenders wasn’t the only comment I received after the session.
If it was the case I would think I’m doing something wrong here.


Having said that, comments and constructive feedback are always very welcome.
It’s important for me to know, what works for you – what you enjoy and what not so much.

You can also leave more formal feedback via AdultWork system.


  • Setting up regular working times.

Fridays, Sundays and Mondays! – this was the plan.
All would have been great, however, I took a liberal amount of unexpected time off, which made the whole idea of a schedule rather pointless. Apologies to anyone, who tried to get through the barricade of my switched off the phone.


If you don’t know what ‘cat logic’ is, it was an example.
Why would I want to follow human logic. Why. Oh why.


  • A quest on ‘How to remove oil from the body after a massage’ is documented in the first Blog post.


  • And now that we’re heading towards Autumn, there will be a special offer for 2 weeks in September – to help you to start the day with TLC and relaxation.

To find out more, please keep checking my website and if you’d like to be the first to know about any upcoming special offers, subscribe to my monthly Newsletter.


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